Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's give this a try

Where do you start with a blog? Today is Tuesday and needless to say I am not busy! Daycare kiddo's are napping away and my email box is empty. We will pretend all the laundry is caught up as well. We started redoing Curtis' bedroom this weekend. Can you say I am in over my head! This child has some wild ideas and awesome ideas but no money to bring it all together. I will share pictures as soon as we get done. Hopefully before he is ready to change it again! Not much going on other than that. Oh, I will share pictures from our trip to Stone Mountain 2 weekends ago. We had such a wonderful day. Well add more as time allows.

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MomToAp said...

And while you pretend your laundry is done I will pretend my dishes are done.