Saturday, December 6, 2008


Look at my baby.. :)
hehehe, uhmm pull them pants down boy.. they are a little dorky like that. hehe
stand up for mom please.. ;)
waiting to get ties..

Curtis is a member of the Moreland Elementary School Chorus this year.

The Christmas concert was very cute as always. It was a long night for Curtis. We had to meet around 6:30 and then watch grades PK-3rd perform (ohhh they are so little and cute) and then the chorus performed around 7:45. He had sat and watched and was pretty bored. By the time they got up there to sing he was sleepy! I so hope someone got him yawning on tape and will send me a copy. I was taking pictures and missed every yawn! :)

I am very proud of him for taking part in it this year. He loves singing but told me he may not do it next year. He hates staying after school and missing that hour of play time.

I told him it's just 1 day a week!

I was hoping he would form a "real" friendship but nope, he is still just Curtis. :) He talks of one young man a good bit and they sat near each other a bit and chatted but once everyone got there and the others started acting like most 4th graders, Curtis moved down some seats, then back some seats, and then over across from where we were. That's okay, at least he was not getting into trouble.

Poor fellow has a cold again (darn it). His nose was running like crazy and he went through so darn much tissue! It was a really nice show and hopefully will not be Curts last. I am working on him.

I couldn't pick just one so enjoy the clips below. I didn't get many pictures and none of him before we left home by the tree like I planned to.

A very big THANK YOU to our director, Abigail Wakefield for working so hard with our children and putting together another wonderful showcase!

You can't really see Curtis in this one but I loved the song so got a touch of it. They sang this as the last song and was very touching.

"May Peace Be Always With You"

the very end of
"Christmas is Coming and We are Getting Fat"

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards/letters

Have you mailed yours out yet? I have not, been working on just the right wording for my "form" letter this year. I just love getting cards and pictures and even the form letters in the mail this time of year.
My grandmother always hand wrote a wonderful sweet message in each card she mailed out and I never saw a picture in her cards. Today, I sit and type out my Christmas message and search for just the right pictures to attach. I want to write like my grandmother did, but it seems to me, that my Grandmother liked people a little more than I do. Grandmother's notes were always perfect, written just for me, and I know there were never two cards sent out just alike!
The cards or letters I send out all look just the same, say just the same, end just the same. Wish Grandma was here to help! Oh sure, I can think of something special about each person I want to send a card to, each one of them mean so much to me in their own ways, I hope they know that and know that they are loved and cared for dearly by myself and family.
Sometimes we just have to read between the lines. So when you get my card or letter or whatever I end up doing (thinking very strongly about just emailing cards this year, hahaha) remember to read between the lines and know I am sitting here thinking of JUST you and your family as I make your card and that the pictures taken where with you in our hearts and minds at the time.
Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone and send me my cards! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving week

How come when school is out a week it seems to go by very fast? I had to work Monday-Wednesday but was able to get tons done anyway.
The kiddo's were great and really enjoyed helping me set up my house. I usually decorate the Saturday after Thanksgiving but we will be out of town a couple of weekends in Dec. so will not get to enjoy our stuff as long as I like, so we got our stuff out on Monday.
We did the Disney tree and the fruit tree first and all of my Santa collection. Then I did the village. That they could not help with. LOL But they loved watching me do it.
Tuesday we put up the big tree. Curtis got into it way more this year. He did all the shaping of the big tree and he and the kids did all the ornaments on it except the ones up top. Shhhh I have had to move a few around but DON'T tell them. ;)
Curtis asked about every ornament. I think he was testing me to see if each one really did mean something. He got a kick out of the 15 or 20 wooden ones that belonged to the Hagler family and they passed them on to us since I have the Disney tree. Hey Austin, I am saving them for you sweetie, when you grow up and get married I will pass them on to you and your family! :) Just don't do it to soon, I am not ready to give them up. hahha
The pictures are not in order below. SORRY! I should go back and redo but guess what, I am not.
Thanksgiving day at my moms house. My silly son always has to make faces! Courtney playing with the train that goes around at grandnana's house. We went ahead and had her birthday party on Thanksgiving day after lunch. She turns 3 on Dec. 3rd!
Her cake!
She blew them out!
So happy to see her cake!
Andrew watching the train.
Just showing the living room stuff..
Courtney tell me she is 3 years old. HAHHAHA
This is my moms living room. We started putting stuff up the week before Halloween. We were done the weekend before Thanksgiving.
Love how the village turned out.
Playing school at mawmaw's house on Sunday before Thanksgiving.
This is the Christmas room at my moms house. It is the room she was born in 68 years ago!
Mom passed down to me the Disney Christmas Village this year. I have it setting on a table behind our sofa and in front of the living room's front windows. see the it at dark below.
She also passed down the fruit tree. I made it a talking fruit tree for my house. :)
Courtney modeling her new dress for me.
Curtis pretending to put ornaments on the tree.
Curtis letting me take some pictures. We went down to Callaway Gardens on Wednesday. I never get tired of looking at the lights!
Well, I think we need to have one of these at our house. ;) Telling Santa his list! Notice his little hands (okay he is not so little anymore) counting out his thoughts. HAHHA