Thursday, October 9, 2008


Okay, why can't I upload my pictures on here today? Val where are you? I want to do this now and it is not letting me. I hate computers. hahaha

A Day With La-La's Gang

3:00 on Tuesday I had 2 extra kids get off the school bus. What fun! Wait, no I have to pick Curtis up from chorus. Where the heck can I put all these kids? Start calling parents and granny picked one up to go get a hair cut so that made room for Curtis in the van. :) Got him home and 2 others left so then we ran down to see Big James before karate and ended up staying to play at the park a bit. But why use the playground when you have rocks to play on! We had a great time and the boys loved just hanging out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Woke up last night to the sound of rain! Such a wonderful little sound of tap tap tap hitting the toys outside our bedroom window. Not sure how many days since our last rain fall but it's been too long! Everything around has been too dry and so dusty. Not this morning, looked out and my pretty blue van was shinning with the new rain wash, the three little pink roses held their heads up strong soaking in the raindrops, the neighbors cats peaked out from underneath my van to see what I was doing standing on the steps in the rain and wondering if I was gonna run them off before the sun even came up. I didn't, I let them rest another 30 min. ;) I just love the way everything looks after a rainfall. Cooked breakfast for our crew without the tv on for the first time this school year. Had the door opened and just took in the sounds. It's a new wonderful day! Enjoy it everyone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's give this a try

Where do you start with a blog? Today is Tuesday and needless to say I am not busy! Daycare kiddo's are napping away and my email box is empty. We will pretend all the laundry is caught up as well. We started redoing Curtis' bedroom this weekend. Can you say I am in over my head! This child has some wild ideas and awesome ideas but no money to bring it all together. I will share pictures as soon as we get done. Hopefully before he is ready to change it again! Not much going on other than that. Oh, I will share pictures from our trip to Stone Mountain 2 weekends ago. We had such a wonderful day. Well add more as time allows.