Friday, March 6, 2009

What Georgia Boys Do When the Snowman Melts

The snow came on Sunday and was gone by Tuesday all except all the cute snowmen around town. Ours lasted till Thursday when he fell backwards. Once the boys got home from school and had snack they were ready t0 go outside and enjoy the last little bit of snow we had. Mister Snowman was soon flying across our yard. Snow is very cold when it hits ya even if it is 68 outside! Gavin got me more than a few times. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The snow made it to Newnan!

The snow arrived a little after 11 or so. I have taken tons of pictures today so will let them tell the story of our day.
My yellow bells are not happy
Our poor little pink flower. The front yard about 11 am
I think he should wear a hat next time.
check out our cold flower now about 12:30
before we walked on it
almost 3 inches.. around 3 and still snowing he got his hat but still no gloves and coat. LOL
finally we got dressed for the weather. This is around 4 or so
I love this shot. No wait, this shot is even better. GET HIM CURTIS again! time to build a real snowman. see the little one on the wagon every snowman needs a face Okay so we made a snow polar bear. LOL The snow has stopped and we have enjoyed it but it can leave now. :) We are ready for spring! Hey Julie, we got more snow than Bowden did. That's a first for us. :)

Spring in the air?

It is March first, just a few weeks till spring. We have already had some great high 60's and low 70's days. Flowers are sticking up through the leaves in my flower beds. Curtis has noted that some of the tree's are beginning to look like "big broccoli and cauliflower trees". Nana has already bought her "dirt" to get started planting and we have been seed shopping already. But the weather people are telling us we will get snow today and tonight. OH MAN, Nana just im'd me and it is snowing in Bowdon as I type! She says it is so pretty! Hang on, I hear the phone. It is Sylvia and it is snowing at their house too. :) Where's my snow? All I have so far is sleet.