Friday, August 7, 2009

5th Grade

Here's Curtis at 7 or so this morning.. He was still just my baby for a bit longer.. Bundled up watching cartoons. :)
All of a sudden he took on that older 5th grade look. WOW..
Gosh the summer flew by. I haven't gotten our vacation report up yet nor shared the pictures on here. They are on facebook. The report is ready to upload just need to do it.
Today I drove Curtis to his school for the last first day of elementary school for him (hopefully! hahaha). Just think I have been enjoying first days for the past 20 years. Whatever will I do the first year he is out of school????
As we neared the school I asked him if I could walk him in today since this is his last year at this school.. He gave me that look and said "I will be fine mom". LOL So I dropped him off at the door and was sad that he never even looked back. Acting so like a 5th grader.
He had a great first day and seems excited about whats to come. I enjoyed meeting the teachers and was excited to see he got a karate students (been out awhile but once a student always a student) wife for homeroom. They will change classes just like last year and have a total of 3 teachers for the main subjects.
Curtis wants to have the highest AR score this year. Let's see if he can do it. Had 110 last year I think. The highest was 300 something. So he has to push it a bit to beat that score.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip Report Day 1

The Cambas Family's 2009 Vacation with the grands
Saturday June 27th
              I left here at 9 am and met Mom in Whitesburg.  We went to Douglasville and met the kids at the mall picking up Andrew and Courtney.  As Sylvia kissed the kiddos bye Andrew was so sweet and patted the seat next to him telling her there was room for her to go with us.  What a sweetheart he is.
              Had lunch at the Seabreeze restaurant.  Mom and I shared the Tilapia (YUMMY) and the kids shared a kids shrimp plate. We were waiting on our food and Andrew said "hey where's there bread" .  I think we eat out too much.  :)   
               We picked up moms car and all of us came to Newnan.  The kids played in the pool while I got the van loaded.  Mom and I went down to our neighbors veggie stand to get her some stuff to keep her busy while we are gone.  After she left we just played in the pool and had dinner of hot dogs and chips and pickles.   Baths and a movie before bedtime.  The grands were asleep by 10 or so.  James and I both got some sleep but Curtis NEVER went to sleep. 
Sunday June 28th
                James and I woke at 2:30 or so and decided to go ahead and get ready.  Curtis was bouncing off the walls.   We pulled out at 4 am.  Andrew woke as we loaded him and he got as hyper as his Uncle.  Courtney just opened her eyes and smiled.  :)
                We made it to Baxley GA by 7:30.   Made a stop at McDonald's for breakfast.
Saus Egg Mcmuffin meal
chicken bis meal
1 small coffee
2 small cokes
Everyone enjoyed our little breakfast and then went outside to play on the playground a bit.  Mom called me at 8 am.  :)  We sure were missing her already.  I called Billy to see if they were awake yet.  I think I beat his alarm clock by seconds.  :)  While the kids were playing Courtney looked at me and asked "where's Kncle Billwee"?
So we gave them their 5 minute heads up and then went to see Billy and family.
                We made our family visits short and sweet this year.  Limiting us to about an hour at each place.  Enjoyed our time with all of them and wish we had more time.  I was not ready to leave at the hour mark but we really needed to stay on track in order to have happy kids on the road. 
                 We were back on the road here by 9:15 or so.  On to Waycross.  Got to Bonnie's house around 10:15.   Enjoyed our time here and showing her our grands for the first time. 
                  Loaded kids up about 11:15 and handed out snacks to everyone.  Snacked our way to the Florida State line.  :)   Curtis still has not slept.  He keeps saying he doesn't want to miss anything.  :)   I finally got him to chill and nap a bit so he could have fun at the next stop.  
                   Stopped in Saint Augustine to show the grands the little house made out of a log that sits outside of Ribley's Believe it or Not.  We love this town.  We stopped here each year just to wander around and look at the shops and such.  I think we really need to take time to spend a couple nights here soon.  Kids got to burn up a little energy and then needed more snacks.  
                    12 hours after leaving home we arrived at Hard Rock Resort.  Bellhop unloaded car and said all rooms were ready so he would have our stuff up within 10 min. of check in and showed us where to park. 
                     As we are getting out of the van all of us were so darn excited to be here and poor little Courtney wet herself.  I had to laugh cause well Mom you remember the first trip you went with us to Disney and I was so excited to show you around.    
                        Check in went smooth and we were sent on our way to our room.  I had requested near the elevators in order to save my old feet the LONG walks that can happen at these resorts.  We were on the 3rd floor (lobby level) room 3096. Our rate was for an obstructed view so I was a little worried just what we would be looking at, out our window.  But loved our view.  You could see parts of the pool and the ping pong tables and shuffle board courts through the trees.  I loved our view! The obstructed part was pretty to me, trees with pretty orange flowers of some sort on some of them. 
                         We got our clear back pack ready to go and headed to the park.  We rode the water taxi over to City Walk then picked up the kids tickets and entered Universal Studios.  Andrew and Courtney were so excited just on the water taxi.  ;)  We rode Jimmy Neutron (boys loved this ride) Courtney and I had to sit in the stationary seats, saw the shrek 4D show (we all love this one), rode Men in Black (had to use child swap here but we love this ride), the Simpsons (another child swap one and a favorite), and Jaws (the grands did not like this one at all)  then ate dinner at
International Food and Film Festival 
Fruit plate
pepperoni pizza
refill soda
stir fry beef place & rice
                        We got so much done in just 3 hours this night.  Was back in room by 9 and kids in bath.  We did not do a stroller for this night and poor little Courtney got blisters.  A couple of funny things said during trip.  Andrew kept asking as we traveled if I was going in circles.  He said he saw that sign already many times.  :)   He also made it clear when he needed to stop and get out a bit, he would say "how much further, my butt is cracking".  Curtis was a hoot.  He is always excited before a vacation but the excitement of showing the grands for their first time really got him wired.  He read, he took pictures with his DSi, he played games, he tried to sleep, he told silly jokes all the way there. 
Andrew was totally blown away by the parks.  His most used comment all week "It is so amazing".  I wish I had got that recorded.  Courtney loved everything as well.  But she kinda just went with the flow.  She had her special moments at Magic Kingdom.  :) 
I have pics on my facebook account if you want to see them. 

Friday, May 29, 2009

Honors Day Pictures

Okay, one day I will learn to upload in reverse order so they turn out in the correct order. Sorry they are all backwards today. Such is my daily life sometimes. Hahaha

We are moving

 on up to 5th grade!   Made ya look didn't I.. :)
    Fourth grade was all we expected and more!   Curtis had an awesome year and it will always stand out in our minds and his I am sure.  
     He had 3 great teachers who I am sure thought I was nuts when they first met me and had meetings with me.  But they really shown that they could take Curtis' differences and help him grow and take charge of his differences and do his best.  Just how do you really show teachers how thankful you are for them? 
      Grades were awesome for him as always.  Schooling for Curtis is about so much more than grades.  But of course we are very proud of the A's and B's.  :)   Awards he got today included Prefect Attendance Award,
Accelerated Reader Award 100 point club, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, and the Extraordinary Effort Award. 
       The school years are going by so darn fast and I am really not ready to think of him as one of the oldest at his school.  But come August that's what he will be.  Wow..  A 5th grader.  We are so proud of you Curtis!
       Bring on summer sunshine and heat and fun!  Here's a few pictures from today. I will have to go to the site and upload the pictures.  It seems they did not go through with the email last night so started all over this morning.  Pictures to come. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kalyn all grown up and a mommy now.. WOW

They call me La-La

Not to long ago someone asked how I got my nickname of La-La.  I have been waiting to share the story until I could get a picture of the young lady who named me about 18 years ago.
   I have been taking care of little ones in my home the past 24 1/2 years.  Gosh that sure makes me sound old.  @@  We were living in apartments in Newnan when we met Tracy and Keith.  They had a little boy Mathew who was a year or two older than our James.  They moved in right next door to us.  Our doors faced each other from our kitchens.   Tracy and I would cook and the boys would play between the two apartments.  We had a little disagreement one time (if only I could change the past but then again it made us better friends in the long run) and didn't speak to each other for close to a year.  Let me tell you, that's hard to do when you walk out your door and they are there. 
  Well one morning we were walking out and Tracy opens her door in her house coat and says guess what "I am pregnant and shows us the positive little cube thingy".   We have been friends since even though we are not near as close as we use to be as life has moved us both forward and taken paths that keep us apart. 
  That pregnancy went by fast for me (not for Tracy) and before we knew it a beautiful little girl named Kalyn entered the world.  One day when she's was between 8 months old and a year old I was leaving and we kept saying tell Angela bye bye and that sweet little girl says "byebye LaLa" and well I have been La-La every since!
  Kalyn is now grown and married and has a 5 month old little boy named Adrian.  Mathew grew up and joined the Marines and has a baby boy on the way as well.  To think Tracy and I are both grandparents.  I am now Mawmaw and the daycare kiddos are picking up on it and turning it into Mawaw La--La so we shall see what happens as time goes on.  My grands call me mawmaw and always want to know why the other kids call me La-La.  :) Tracy is Mimi to her little grandson. :) 
  Names full of love no matter what they are.  Kalyn will always be very special to me.  Love ya girl give that baby hugs and kisses from his La-La.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love my job BUT

  I love my job and it shows a little too much I think.   Right now I have a full load of six wonderful kids ages five & under plus Curtis my very own little ray of sunshine.  As I sit out here in the front yard watching them play in the dirt, hit rocks with the badmitton rackets, pick cute little yellow flowers for me and the two babies waving at the big trucks working on our road someone stops by and says their little one wants to play for a bit.  Sure, so how have you been?  They look at me like I am nuts and say "I'll be back around 5 to get 'Johnny'."  Hmmmm it is 3 pm and we still have homework to do at 4 and we have another snack at 5 and I need to get dinner cooking before time for me to leave for Karate where I will teach a hand full of adults and another group of wonderful sweet children. 
  I wonder if I should tape a sign to my forehead that says, "yes I love children but I love to get paid as well". 
This has happened from the same person more than a few times in the past few weeks.  I think I will just make a bill and mail it to them.  :)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are in trouble now

Okay, so now I can just email a posting in.  Just how many times do you guys really want to read about how many dishes I wash or diapers I change?  
This is the week before CRCT testing for our school.  I must say, I HATE CRCT TESTING!  I hate the pressure put on the kids, I hate the extra homework.  Curtis had 6 pages in math last night plus other stuff as well.  Homework started at 3:35 and at 5 he was still working on math.  Silly if you ask me.  I so wanted to tell him to just close the book but he spent time in ZAP (zeros are not permitted) for not doing all his math the night before. Just give him a zero and let him deal with it.  Homework was finally done at 5:40 and he ate dinner then we went to class.  We both needed to work off some steam by this point.  :)
That's it for this post.  I have to get busy.  More later. 

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures from our spring break

Train ride time. Okay so it's just a little train but we liked it anyway. We hope to go ride a steam train next week.
I took so many pictures of the falls. I really really love rainbows and waterfalls and to get the both on the same morning was such a treat. Curtis assisting in the little dragon class. He would love to do this every week but mom has not been able to make that happen yet. I tried letting my daycare kiddo's work out they are in the very back just standing. They would not move at all. @@ Wednesday we went to Jumping Jelly Beans not to the park. Here is Brayden turning my hair gray on Thursday. He is one wild 2 year old. Yum... :) James at McIntosh My boys Easter Morning YEAH the Level X card he wanted. no words needed High Falls State Park The tree down near our house. It is in the neighbors yard but looks like our yard as you drive . a bloom on the apple tree Hey Julie, If you read this could you tell me why when I publish my post I loose my paragraphs. UGHHHHH Drives me nuts!

Spring break is almost over

I have always wondered just why a week off school goes by so fast. Maybe because most of the family gets to sleep in or maybe because we get to do something fun daily or the fact we spend a good amount of time in the van going from place to place that week. Whatever it is I wish I had some control over. Our spring break started with a trip to our neighboring state of Alabama. We picked up Nana on Saturday and headed west. We made it up to Noccalula Falls. We have had lots of rain this year so the falls was awesome! See pics above this post. On the way back we stopped at the Anniston Museum of Natural History for Curtis. He and daddy went in while Nana and I just walked around the birds area and did all the free stuff. :) Sunday we made it to a Pokemon tournament. Curtis came in 2nd for his age group 10 and under. I came in 2nd for the master divisions (which means OLD FOLKS) and I really would rather not tell you who won first. He won the pin but guess who put it on her bag! Monday we woke up to 30 degree weather with snow flurries and sleet. I would like to use a 3 letter word here cause boy did this mess up our plans. I got up at 6:30 and got daycare kiddo's in. James was already up writing and doing his thing. Curtis slept in till 11 I think. I used this cold day to pretend to clean up the house and just play with the kids. Tuesday was even colder than Monday and more hanging out at the house with a 10 year old sleeping in way to late then staying up all night. We are so in trouble when he hits the teen years. Wednesday the sun begins to start shinning again and we were able to go to the park. Thank goodness cause the kids were driving me crazy. :) Thursday we loaded up and all went to see Nana and play on the new playground in Carrollton. I was off on Friday and needed to do some shopping. What fun is it to shop alone?? SO I called mom and she came to Newnan. We spent the morning shopping and just hanging out together while James and Curtis spent the day reading, writing, and deck building (that is card deck building not a wood deck, no way do we want these guys to try that!) Nana left before the storms and made it home just fine. We went to Friday night pokemon and played int he back room while it hailed and stormed like crazy. I begin to worry we may be blown away. Oh the way home as we turned the curve near our home we saw trees down and my heart fell.. you never know what you will see when you leave your house in a storm. but ALL is fine! Limbs everywhere and my piles of leaves are still just where I left them but toys are next door! Saturday we had our Easter get together at McIntosh Reserve in the big town of Whitesburg. We about froze! We did things the easy way. Chips, cookies, subways and fruit. Sylvia was the only one to cook. She made potato salad. We made it over for the big egg hunt just in time. Curtis is just not the best kid for these type things. Come on dear everyone can't get a prize egg! @@ We had a great time just having a laid back get together. Sunday we decided to ride over to Jaskson Georgia to check out High Falls State Park. Nana came along and we rode and had lunch together. We hid eggs for Curtis and guess what, found the prize egg. HAHAHAHAHAHA The rest of the day has been spent putting puzzles together, uploading pictures and getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. We are so thankful to have our family together and healthy this Easter. God is good and we have been Blessed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peach Fuzz

I have noticed the past week or so Curtis staring in the mirror after brushing his teeth. Didn't really think anything of it until we were riding around town over the weekend and he was looking in the mirror of the van and rubbing his hands across his forehead really hard.
A mom must find out what the deal is, right? So I ask what he was doing and had to control my laughter after he told me he was rubbing the peach fuzz between his eyes and he wonders if he will always remember when he first noticed he was growing a uni brow!
Not the best picture but as you can see he is far away from having a uni brow!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Grands attend Karate Class

Martial Arts is a way of life for our family. Almost from the moment they are born our children and grands learn to block, kick and punch. Many hours are spent in the dojo even before they begin their traditional training. Andrew and Courtney have visited the dojo many times but live too far away to get to work out with us. But they have been with us the past 8 days and go with me to play while I teach my class. Last Thursday we were doing Kumite and Andrew asked if he could so of course I let him. ;) Pawpaw is across town teaching his classes so he missed the grands first work out. Opps. My bad! :)
Here is Andrew last Thursday doing Kumite with 6 year old Skylar.
Sorry it's taken with my cell phone so not real clear. I think we need more work on that head block! hahaha
Andrew going in for the winning point!
So for Tuesday we found hand-me-down Gi's from Uncle Curtis and got ready for class. My pictures are not in order. :)
Curtis performing his kata.
Andrew did awesome. The class is an hour long and for ages 7- adults. So it's a busy night! He followed along and did everything asked.
Courtney did awesome as well, she is the supervisor!
a little bag work out.
just warming up before time to leave..
Andrew knows his Seiken Punch!
It was so cute to see the smallest Cambas' working out. :) Wish they could be at every class. :) On the way home after the kumite night Andrew asked me "mawmaw, did I get my brown belt or black belt." HAHAHAHAHA Love the way he shoots for the top right away!
I put obi's (Belts) of Curtis' on them just so they did not feel left out. They are both still just beginners and will have to take the white belt test just like everyone else to earn their VERY own white belt.

Friday, March 6, 2009

What Georgia Boys Do When the Snowman Melts

The snow came on Sunday and was gone by Tuesday all except all the cute snowmen around town. Ours lasted till Thursday when he fell backwards. Once the boys got home from school and had snack they were ready t0 go outside and enjoy the last little bit of snow we had. Mister Snowman was soon flying across our yard. Snow is very cold when it hits ya even if it is 68 outside! Gavin got me more than a few times. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The snow made it to Newnan!

The snow arrived a little after 11 or so. I have taken tons of pictures today so will let them tell the story of our day.
My yellow bells are not happy
Our poor little pink flower. The front yard about 11 am
I think he should wear a hat next time.
check out our cold flower now about 12:30
before we walked on it
almost 3 inches.. around 3 and still snowing he got his hat but still no gloves and coat. LOL
finally we got dressed for the weather. This is around 4 or so
I love this shot. No wait, this shot is even better. GET HIM CURTIS again! time to build a real snowman. see the little one on the wagon every snowman needs a face Okay so we made a snow polar bear. LOL The snow has stopped and we have enjoyed it but it can leave now. :) We are ready for spring! Hey Julie, we got more snow than Bowden did. That's a first for us. :)