Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Gosh, Halloween came and went very fast! Curtis is now to the age where what he wears is totally his idea. Ughh, I miss the cute things for halloween. He found this silver mask at big lots and just had to have it for this year. Get it home and he informs me he needs to paint it and make it look like a zombie. Okay, why didn't we just buy what you wanted to begin with?
So he gets the paint and comes up with this ugly thing! I have to say he did a great job and it made a hit on Halloween night with on lookers! Some thought he might be Gene Simons (cause as he walked the hair hung all over his face so you couldn't see the mask) and others that he was just gross which he loved! He soon learned that what mom had told him would be true. "You will not like wearing a mask!" We ended up only going down one side of Greenville street as his face got very itchy. But never fear, mom had candy in the van to fill up his goody bag and off to Pokemon we went! He already has plans for next year using this ugly mask as a prop. So watch out Newnan the "head hunters" are coming. ;)

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