Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures and more pictures

Oh my gosh, I take way too many pictures! We took over 200 on our little 3 day trip! I tried not to bore you with all of them and just picked some of my favorites to share. I tried so hard to get my pictures on here in order and well guess what they are not! Ughhh Oh well you will get the idea of our trip anyway.
This was our first little stop to look at the work of the crafty people this picture is out of order. Sorry.. here is Curtis with his birthday present from Nana..
awwwwww a sweet moment in Gatlinburg
near the candy shop
we have arrived!
hurry get Curtis before he is taken to be raised by Bigfoot!
The Christmas Inn
Nanas room
Floor one
This is in Gatlinburg
outside the Christmas Inn
The Grinch Comes to TN
I like this shot of Curtis through the window.
Story telling
Thought this was cute
oh lordy
ughhh I was not fast enough to get my camera bag moved to the side and my fat rear sitting..
Our floor
We get a little wet today
I needed a taller rock to sit my camera on. My tripod is just a little one
Welcome to Dollywood... I should have taken back pack off. @@
there was stuff like this all over dollywood.. I loved it.
I wouldn't mind having these kind of deers as pets.
Curtis on the shooting star
Nana riding the Lemon Twist
awwwwwww just another sweet moment
come on one more picture for mom.
The end of Babes In Toyland show. they flew over our heads..
a quick chat with Santa just in case he forgot what was said this morning.
I never get tired of watching my kids sleep.. awwww
watching the singing Santa
he came for breakfast!
oops this one got out of order
Curtis is a little bit of a gamer! LOL
Our view
the garden and pond out our window
Opps I made these too small..
our last day. brrr it was cold..

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