Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Things I Teach My Kids

La-La and her boys at the park. Okay I really wanted this picture of us so I said sure let's sit in the tree. Drake was like, no we can't. I said sure put the little ones up there and we will hurry. Right before the picture took the man walked up toward us saying "please don't let the kids climb the tree's." Opps! I told him I was so sorry, I just had to get one picture and thanked him for not running us out. They see us here all the time. Next time we will go way back in the park where they will not see us so fast. hahaha
from left front,
Brayden is 2, Drake 10, Gavin 4, La-La (OLD), Blayne 5, Curtis 10 in one more week.
They didn't see us playing on the tables! ROFLMAO

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Anonymous said...

:::breaking the law, breaking the law::: Angela those turned out GREAT!!!!!!