Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & the day after

When I was growing up Christmas Eve was always spent at my grandmother and grandfathers home in Bowdon. Lots of food, lots of people and lots of wonderful memories. There was 6 grandkids and we filled that house full of love and noise! My mother moved back into her home place around 1988 and since then Christmas Eve has been spent right there where I spent all my young Christmas eve's. Some years we have the house more than full. I remember years where it was us and my aunt and her children and then years where my brother and his family were able to be home with us, then the years where the home was opened up to the neighborhood to tour, years it was just us and mom and Bob, and now the past couple of years my grands have been able to be there for Christmas Eve. If the walls to this house could talk! Having family all spread out and some in the Military makes for long standing traditions to be hard to hang onto. The house is full of awesome food (no one cooks like my mama), lots of love and yep still filled with noise no matter if there is 5 people or over 20! Christmas day has always been spent at home so the kids can play with what Santa brings and everyone can just be lazy. This year I cooked a big breakfast and a ham and we ate on that all day. I saved my traditional Christmas meal cooking for the day after when James, Sylvia and the grands and Nana came to our house. Bob stayed in Bowdon where he is most at home. He had lots of good left overs from mom's Christmas Eve dinner. :) Three days of wonderful get togethers. The grands spent the weekend with us and had a great time but were ready to go home to play with their Santa stuff on Saturday but daddy had to work and then had awards that night, so we may have to rethink them staying over that soon after Christmas next time. We took them home early Sunday so they had the day to play with all them toys. Above see the pictures from our fun times..

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