Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Should I

It is a little after noon and all the kiddo's are napping. Jayden our newest little team mate is almost 10 months old and has had a great first day at La-La's house. Should I play on the computer, clean house, clean the van out, check the real mail box for all the dreaded bills, read my book or take a nap during the next hour I have free? Guess I will update the blog for a bit. Everything is about the same here. Oh wait, I hit a bird in all the fog this morning. Biggest bird I ever did see. Van made it okay but the bird sad to say did not make it. The boys all loved it and have shared with everyone that La-La killed the bird. They have a way at making the grossest things sound cute. Gavin was sharing with me yesterday about his Aunts house. He informed me she had a mouse in her house and his Uncle shot it. Now this 4 year old took great pride in the fact his Uncle saved the day and got the mouse with the BB gun. So if you need a mouse shot give me a call I know someone who knows someone.

Curtis and I are totally on a reading kick. He is reading A Series of Unfortunate Events and is on book 2. I just love the time we get to spend together snuggling up on the sofa each with a book and blanket. Last night I was really beat didn't plan to read with him. But about 8 he came carrying the blankets and his book and said "ya ready mom". How could I say no. So we turn the tv off and begin to read. The more he read the more he laughed, soon I found myself not reading my book at all but just watching him read and enjoy his story. Every few pages he tells me about something but lord if I could tell you about it. His idea of a good book and mine are not the same. But I love the fact he loves to read. Where did we go wrong with our oldest. Hahaha I can't remember Little James ever reading with me. As a toddler I would read to him while he played and of course when he first started reading he would read some but we have all the books we got for him and they were never even opened. Curtis took care of that! Wonder how long my 10 year old will want to read with me. :) Time to go get things ready for the kids to wake up. Gosh nap time sure is short. Enjoy the small things everyday guys. Life goes fast!

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Julie said...

I really want to know the origin of the name "LaLa." That is way cute!