Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Grands attend Karate Class

Martial Arts is a way of life for our family. Almost from the moment they are born our children and grands learn to block, kick and punch. Many hours are spent in the dojo even before they begin their traditional training. Andrew and Courtney have visited the dojo many times but live too far away to get to work out with us. But they have been with us the past 8 days and go with me to play while I teach my class. Last Thursday we were doing Kumite and Andrew asked if he could so of course I let him. ;) Pawpaw is across town teaching his classes so he missed the grands first work out. Opps. My bad! :)
Here is Andrew last Thursday doing Kumite with 6 year old Skylar.
Sorry it's taken with my cell phone so not real clear. I think we need more work on that head block! hahaha
Andrew going in for the winning point!
So for Tuesday we found hand-me-down Gi's from Uncle Curtis and got ready for class. My pictures are not in order. :)
Curtis performing his kata.
Andrew did awesome. The class is an hour long and for ages 7- adults. So it's a busy night! He followed along and did everything asked.
Courtney did awesome as well, she is the supervisor!
a little bag work out.
just warming up before time to leave..
Andrew knows his Seiken Punch!
It was so cute to see the smallest Cambas' working out. :) Wish they could be at every class. :) On the way home after the kumite night Andrew asked me "mawmaw, did I get my brown belt or black belt." HAHAHAHAHA Love the way he shoots for the top right away!
I put obi's (Belts) of Curtis' on them just so they did not feel left out. They are both still just beginners and will have to take the white belt test just like everyone else to earn their VERY own white belt.

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Julie said...

Way cool. I hope Sylvia is doing ok...sounds frustrating at the very least.