Friday, May 29, 2009

We are moving

 on up to 5th grade!   Made ya look didn't I.. :)
    Fourth grade was all we expected and more!   Curtis had an awesome year and it will always stand out in our minds and his I am sure.  
     He had 3 great teachers who I am sure thought I was nuts when they first met me and had meetings with me.  But they really shown that they could take Curtis' differences and help him grow and take charge of his differences and do his best.  Just how do you really show teachers how thankful you are for them? 
      Grades were awesome for him as always.  Schooling for Curtis is about so much more than grades.  But of course we are very proud of the A's and B's.  :)   Awards he got today included Prefect Attendance Award,
Accelerated Reader Award 100 point club, Presidential Academic Fitness Award, and the Extraordinary Effort Award. 
       The school years are going by so darn fast and I am really not ready to think of him as one of the oldest at his school.  But come August that's what he will be.  Wow..  A 5th grader.  We are so proud of you Curtis!
       Bring on summer sunshine and heat and fun!  Here's a few pictures from today. I will have to go to the site and upload the pictures.  It seems they did not go through with the email last night so started all over this morning.  Pictures to come. 

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