Friday, August 7, 2009

5th Grade

Here's Curtis at 7 or so this morning.. He was still just my baby for a bit longer.. Bundled up watching cartoons. :)
All of a sudden he took on that older 5th grade look. WOW..
Gosh the summer flew by. I haven't gotten our vacation report up yet nor shared the pictures on here. They are on facebook. The report is ready to upload just need to do it.
Today I drove Curtis to his school for the last first day of elementary school for him (hopefully! hahaha). Just think I have been enjoying first days for the past 20 years. Whatever will I do the first year he is out of school????
As we neared the school I asked him if I could walk him in today since this is his last year at this school.. He gave me that look and said "I will be fine mom". LOL So I dropped him off at the door and was sad that he never even looked back. Acting so like a 5th grader.
He had a great first day and seems excited about whats to come. I enjoyed meeting the teachers and was excited to see he got a karate students (been out awhile but once a student always a student) wife for homeroom. They will change classes just like last year and have a total of 3 teachers for the main subjects.
Curtis wants to have the highest AR score this year. Let's see if he can do it. Had 110 last year I think. The highest was 300 something. So he has to push it a bit to beat that score.

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