Wednesday, May 18, 2011

James 1st trip

I was asked by a friend why do you go to Disney every year. My answer was a quick, because I love the time off work and the magic of it all. But having a few days to think over the question makes me want to share.

Why does anyone do something they enjoy over and over? Like camping, fishing, beach trips, zoo trips, museums, etc... Good thing people are creatures of habit and do like to repeat things, cause if we didn't there would be NO NEED for them to even open.

Everyone's reason for liking Disney is different. For me, the second I see the WELCOME to DISNEY sign, I leave the rest of the world behind. My beds at home are either made or not and I don't care, the bathrooms are clean, the kitchen is clean and guess what I will not have to clean it again for at least a week! NOW, I get that same feeling when we hit the beach or we go to the mountains and I love doing both of these things as well BUT they are not DISNEY and are a different type trip. Disney takes it a step further for me. We prefer to stay onsite, which means for a week we do not have to load up a car and drive anywhere. Most of you know we are on the road ALOT. So its a nice break..

I can not speak for my husband or son. For the record our youngest son loves Disney world and I know he will always be a Disney fan. Our oldest son could take it or leave it. We tormented him with trips to Disney every so often for a day or two.. He's never stayed a week at Disney because we always made our trips cover at least two things when he lived at home. Disney and beach.

Okay back to me, lol I wanna talk about me. ;)

Disney offers me just about everything I need in a vacation, awesome resorts to pick from, awesome pools and water parks, shows where the whole family can sit back to laugh, rides the whole family can do together, a place where you can go and act like a kid again and no one really notices.. Okay maybe they do notice but I will never see them again so who cares what they think. 90 % of the time every cast member is HAPPY to see you and be a part of your vacation. They seem to love their work and they serve you in a happy manner... NEVER have I had to hear about how hard a life they have while checking out..

I love the smells and sounds of Disney.. Of course I have no idea how to explain that without just taking you to Disney. When you think about it I live a pretty busy life with something going on all the time and well at Disney there is always something going on. :) So it feels right to me.

I began my Disney trips back in the early 80's when my mom and Bob took me. Now that was a trip! To be young again.. ;)

From 1987(little James first trip) till 1999 we went about once every 3 or 4 years. Then Curtis entered the world and his first tip was at the age of 6 months old. Oh my gosh.. that baby loved everything about Disney world. His fav ride was Buzz Light Year/. We have been at least once a year since then except for one year we did Universal only. Which he also loves.

With every trip things change, we change, but we always KNOW we are going to come home and say when can we go back?

I know the parks like the back of my hands, we get through the turn styles and don't have to wonder what do we want to do. I know where to go and what we like to ride and see.. So off we go. Which brings me to another question I get often. "why don't you like roller coaster".. Makes me want to say to people "why don't you like snakes, or spiders or whatever it is that they don't like" .. We all have different taste.. I love Brussels sprouts but do not make you eat them if you don't..

When I was younger I would ride anything once EVEN if it was my cousins who made me ride it. HAHAA love ya Liz and Mark. They made me ride the scream machine at Six Flags plus made me ride with their half brother who had a broke arm.. he told me if I screamed he would hit me with it. Not sure if the ride or him scared me more.. But in any case it wasn't fun. I have ridden it many times since then.. I still do not like the ride.. LOL As I have aged I have had to give up some of my favorite rides due to health. I miss riding Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom so very much. It is one of my all time favorites but due to back issues I will not risk it. I love dark and a bit scary rides.. Dinosaur is that but with lots of twist and jerks.. My old body cant take it.. WAHHHH

I love fun silly rides.. The jungle cruise comes to mind.. I love some rides just because they are old favorites and what Walt had in mind.. Small World is a favorite.. Buzz light year where I can beat the pants off the others shooting up stuff.. Snow white and Winnie the pooh where the stories of my childhood come to life.. At the other parks, some of my fav rides are Spaceship Earth, Mission to mars, Star tours, oh my gosh there's so many too many to name.. Out of the 4 parks I think there's 7 or 8 rides I don't do any longer. It's okay there's so much to do that I don't miss them.. Well I do dinosaur. LOL That's what is so great about Disney there's something fun for everyone from little babies to grandmas and grandpas..

And to the folks who hate Disney, that's okay cause I hate football and racing and fishing.. Thank goodness we are all different.. Plus it leaves more space for me if you are not there! grin.

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