Monday, June 6, 2011

We are home

Back from a wonderful Disney Vacation. Have tons to write about and pictures to share. Here's one of the highlights of the trip to get you started! We stood in line from 9:20-10:30 in order to get a spot for this. We were holding our breath they wouldn't run out! He got in for the last show of the night. 15 kids per show through the week and 20 on the weekends. So glad we did it during the week. Curtis is now a Padawan.. ;) May the force be with you! On Thursday, Melissa and her daughter Cady met us at Hollywood studios. Melissa was a part of the back lot tour! James could have been too but I wanted to work the camera so he stayed to keep Cady happy. :)

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Brandy said...

That is too cool!