Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It has been 3 years and 7 days! Life has moved on. I took that BIG trip just a week ago. I had a blast. My grandchildren saw me mostly normal. :) The knocking in my ear has gone for the most part. I have learned to know my limits and when I am near my limits it is all about controlling what is going on, stopping and listening to my body. The tooth is still moving around due to crazy nerves, (causing me to look like Nannie McPhee, I have some crazy things going on with the muscles in my arms and legs, not sure if it is related or not but will find out. The past 8 months I have a recurring rash on my arms. Have seen a couple of doctors and neither know what it is. But the steroid cream/spray seems to keep it at bay so that's what I use.

I am so thankful to have healed so well. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone I have met with this nasty common thing called RHS. For anyone just coming down with it, if you are tired, REST, if you think it will never get better remember that MOST people make a near full recovery! The reason for my blog at first was to keep my mind working, it got me out of the bed, it kept me from wanting to hide from the world. I have too much to live for to just give up. Now, the reason I keep posting every so often is to LET people KNOW it really does get better for some of us. No, I am not 100 % but I am HAPPY, I am loved, I love, and life moves on one day at a time. You can contact me anytime with questions. HUGS to some very special people out there and they know who they are!

I can't update the many faces of Ramsay Hunt but will try to get a new picture of me up soon.

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