Friday, October 17, 2008

My Loopies

We live in a wonderful world full of things my grandparents so would not understand. Heck even my mother doesn't understand at times and she is becoming pretty computer smart! I can ask my daughter-in-law how her loopies are doing and she totally knows what I mean. Then we catch each other up on our loops and go right on with our day. My grandparents would think I am talking bad about someone who isn't very smart. I wonder what my grandchildren will be doing one day (when they are 40ish) and will they still be forming friendships over the computer and sharing with loopies? I have 2 loops I am a part of. They take turns on when to be active. Mostly my Kindergroup loop is the busy one. My Dec. 1998 loop is slow mostly now. But gosh we have all been together since 1997/1998 when some were just planning for our Dec. 98 kiddos. Funny, I still call my loops by the name they started with, but in all honestly they mean so much more to me than the names imply! As the days, weeks, months, and years go by each of us have ups and downs in our life's. It is nice to have our little bonds and know everyone is just an email away! Just having a gotta tell ya I love ya kinda a day. So loopies, I love ya and am thankful for the friendships we have formed!


MomToAp said...

Do you know. Its funny. If you look at the time of this comment you will see that I read your blog AFTER I posted mine and yet we are so much alike in how we feel about our loop that I posted the exact same type of blog.

Anonymous said...

Aww, we love you too Angela :-))