Sunday, October 19, 2008


Way back in 1979 my mom made this cross stitch thing for my grandfather. We were living in South Georgia when she made it. I remember it like yesterday! Anyway, she was cleaning out a closet the other day and came across it, so passed it down to me. I am so excited to have it. She is also giving me the big picture that sits in her dinning room of him and I will have the picture with this art work beside it. Little James has his wallet and glasses and I think we have his atlas (he was a bus driver then a truck driver) and I want to make a shadow box with that stuff in it. Granddaddy Pete was a hoot! Always making us laugh and always had a story to tell. Mom made this picture for him because of the story he always told her growing up when she would ask for a toy or something.
As told by my mom Glenda on Oct. 18. 2008. "When we were growing up we would ask daddy for things and he always had a story about his ship. He would say "why sure you can have that, just as soon as my ship comes in, but right now it's out to sea and being shot at". Sometimes the ship would just be lost at sea other times it was sinking!
We sure do miss ya Grandaddy Pete!

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