Monday, October 20, 2008

What to do?

I have worked in home daycare the last 23 years. I totally love helping to raise all these little ones and enjoy almost every single day of work! We take a week off in the summer and go on vacation and I get a day off here and there from one or two kiddo's but never have I been off for a whole week from everyone at the same time when we were not gone for vacation. I am lost without my kiddo's in tow! Got up this morning and cooked too many eggs for just James and Curtis (I do not eat before 11 so I didn't want them), had housework done by 11 and worked on Christmas shirts and read email (where is everyone?) and now am here working on the blog a bit. I will finish ready my book while I wait in the parking lot to pick Curtis up from school. We will come home and enjoy the fact it will be just he and I when it is homework time. Wonder if he will know how to do homework with little ones trying to get his papers! ;)
I have a feeling this will be a long week for me. I have planned some Dr. appts. DO I HAVE TO GO? Also have a day planned to work on the Christmas Village at Mom's house. We are taking this one down (it has been up in the Living room all year.. hehehe) and putting a train around it. I hope I can make it work. We totally love the way this one is but it was time to change things up a bit so we are in the middle of it and must move forward! see picture above.
Alright I think I have chatted long enough. Hope Gavin, Brayden, Drake, Blayne have a wonderful time in the Bahamas! I miss the little stinkers!

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