Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Curtis' future theme park

Schools out for the week and I am loving it. Gives us some much needed time to just
relax and do what we enjoy. :)
Curtis as some of you know has dysgraphia (major handwriting problems)so pictures and writings from him have come later than for most kids.
He has always loved to tell stories but it's been hard to get them on paper.
He never colored as a small child and never liked painting pictures other than FREE style (hands or household objects only, never brushes.. LOL ).
For the past few weeks he has been drawing in his spare time. Last night he brought a stack of papers to me and wanted to tell me all about this theme park
he wants to make when he grows up.
I wish you guys could have heard the excitement in his voice and seen the sparkle in his eyes.
So today I uploaded the scanned pictures and had him make this little video of his idea.
Hope you enjoy! I am so proud to see him trying his hands at new things. A NOTE FROM CURTIS! I have an idea for a theme park called pokeland.You will stay at the poke inn, watch a talent show, and ride awesome rides.


Brandy said...

Wow, great ideas you have there, Curtis. Maybe some day you will be like those Disney Imagineers and design a real theme park!!!! Will you send me some free tickets?????

Anonymous said...

Love your mind Curtis!!! Keep thinking & dreaming up these wonderful ideas. Since we know your mom can we get free tickets? lol

MomToAp said...

Curtis your theme park is wonderful. When you grow up and build your park we will be the first people in line. So exciting.