Thursday, July 7, 2011

Almost one month

This all began on June 10th..  Here it is July 7th and I am still dealing with the longest, hardest, most painful illness of my life.  Thank goodness I am totally off all pain meds.  I am having to take advil every few days for the dull headache that is always there now and will spike every few days.

 I can close my eye about half way now and with a little work am able to get it to stay shut so no more patching it at night.  I still have to wear the granny glasses when outside cause the sun just kills it. 

AS you can see I am still frozen but really the eye is not as wide open as it was a few days again.

 I plan to get another reiki treatment this week.  It totally helped with the stress I feel and even the pain.  I was in total pain the day I went in and came out with just minor pain. 

I am praying I will be back to somewhat normal by the time school starts.  Having James and Curt home has been such a blessing.  Without them I would have had to quit job and close my classes.  They have been my rock.  James is totally amazing.  THANK YOU HUN..  I love you so much.
Todays picture.. 

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