Thursday, July 14, 2011

35 Days

July 14th...  4:30 pm

It's been 35 days.  I am slowly getting better.  I see my phone wrinkle.  Yes, you read that right, my phone wrinkle.  I got it many years ago when my best friend Tammy lived in Franklin and we would talk on the phone for hours every day!  We cleaned, we cooked, we played with the kids all with our phone on our shoulders and heads leaning over to the side.  Way before the computers smiles come along and you learn to turn your head to see the :)  made with the keys.  Anyway, back to my wrinkles, I am so happy to see them coming back.  I see one beside my nose and the one running beside my mouth.  All little steps to being ME again. 

My head still hurts 99.9 % of the time.  But it's okay, at least I am not in total facial pain anymore.  I can close my eye a little more each day it seems.  Still need the drops cause its not blinking all the way down yet but IT WILL..  

On to the pictures..  Wonder if you guys can see my wrinkles.. lol

  see I can close it..  :)

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