Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2 months

Here I am at the 2 month mark (tomorrow) of ramsey hunt syndrome. I feel much better than last month. I am working full time, keeping house up, and living life again. I see a little improvement in the look of the left side of my face but not near enough to make me feel like me again. I still have to drink out of a straw but thats doable.

Saw the ENT today and my facial score went from 2.3 last month to 2.5 this month. Hmmm so much for the 10 I was wishing for.. LOL Who am I kidding, never been a 10 in my life.

The plan is to work my face out by making lots of strange facial movements over the next month. Hopefully it will help wake up the nerves.

Thanks for being here to listen to me whine through this. You guys rock!

oh lordy I use to complain about my stupid crocked tooth..  Now well ..

I can complain about my sideways nose..  ughhh

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