Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's been a year!    Today is June 11, 2012. One year and one day after I first came down with RHS. Or from the time the major stuff really showed up. As I look back over the past year and the couple of months before I got sick, I recall signs of it coming on. But who thinks about a pimple in the nose or about why am I so tired as signs of illness coming on?

 I am happy to report that life does keep going, you do have good days, awesome days, fair days and even bad days as we take on life with RHS. My doctor didn't tell me the effects would last so long. He did tell me the nerves could take 2 years to heal. But does this other stuff ever go away? Or will I always need to pace myself? Will I always need to find a way to handle stress, will my face always tingle when its cold or when I feel bad.   Will sounds always drive me nuts and will the touches of my children and husband always hurt the left side of my face? How I want to be able to have my grandchildrens little hands on that side and not cringe.. Of course they have no clue how it feels when they touch that side.. Mawmaw just keeps going.. But I miss the NORMAL feeling of my face.

  45 years old and sometimes I feel like I am older because I try to make sure I am in bed and sleeping by 10 in order to make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. But overall I am healthy and happy and doing well!

  I hope reading of my journey helps some of you put your mind at ease and take things one day at a time. All the worry in the world will not help you get through RHS, it will only slow your healing down. .Lessons I have learned: let go of the things we have no control over, ask for help when needed, be thankful for each and everyday! 

here's the slide show of scary pics..  lol

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