Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Cards/letters

Have you mailed yours out yet? I have not, been working on just the right wording for my "form" letter this year. I just love getting cards and pictures and even the form letters in the mail this time of year.
My grandmother always hand wrote a wonderful sweet message in each card she mailed out and I never saw a picture in her cards. Today, I sit and type out my Christmas message and search for just the right pictures to attach. I want to write like my grandmother did, but it seems to me, that my Grandmother liked people a little more than I do. Grandmother's notes were always perfect, written just for me, and I know there were never two cards sent out just alike!
The cards or letters I send out all look just the same, say just the same, end just the same. Wish Grandma was here to help! Oh sure, I can think of something special about each person I want to send a card to, each one of them mean so much to me in their own ways, I hope they know that and know that they are loved and cared for dearly by myself and family.
Sometimes we just have to read between the lines. So when you get my card or letter or whatever I end up doing (thinking very strongly about just emailing cards this year, hahaha) remember to read between the lines and know I am sitting here thinking of JUST you and your family as I make your card and that the pictures taken where with you in our hearts and minds at the time.
Have a Very Merry Christmas everyone and send me my cards! :)

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