Saturday, December 6, 2008


Look at my baby.. :)
hehehe, uhmm pull them pants down boy.. they are a little dorky like that. hehe
stand up for mom please.. ;)
waiting to get ties..

Curtis is a member of the Moreland Elementary School Chorus this year.

The Christmas concert was very cute as always. It was a long night for Curtis. We had to meet around 6:30 and then watch grades PK-3rd perform (ohhh they are so little and cute) and then the chorus performed around 7:45. He had sat and watched and was pretty bored. By the time they got up there to sing he was sleepy! I so hope someone got him yawning on tape and will send me a copy. I was taking pictures and missed every yawn! :)

I am very proud of him for taking part in it this year. He loves singing but told me he may not do it next year. He hates staying after school and missing that hour of play time.

I told him it's just 1 day a week!

I was hoping he would form a "real" friendship but nope, he is still just Curtis. :) He talks of one young man a good bit and they sat near each other a bit and chatted but once everyone got there and the others started acting like most 4th graders, Curtis moved down some seats, then back some seats, and then over across from where we were. That's okay, at least he was not getting into trouble.

Poor fellow has a cold again (darn it). His nose was running like crazy and he went through so darn much tissue! It was a really nice show and hopefully will not be Curts last. I am working on him.

I couldn't pick just one so enjoy the clips below. I didn't get many pictures and none of him before we left home by the tree like I planned to.

A very big THANK YOU to our director, Abigail Wakefield for working so hard with our children and putting together another wonderful showcase!

You can't really see Curtis in this one but I loved the song so got a touch of it. They sang this as the last song and was very touching.

"May Peace Be Always With You"

the very end of
"Christmas is Coming and We are Getting Fat"


MomToAp said...

Love the Pictures and Videos.. :) Curtis is just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Awww so dang handsome!!!