Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pictures from our spring break

Train ride time. Okay so it's just a little train but we liked it anyway. We hope to go ride a steam train next week.
I took so many pictures of the falls. I really really love rainbows and waterfalls and to get the both on the same morning was such a treat. Curtis assisting in the little dragon class. He would love to do this every week but mom has not been able to make that happen yet. I tried letting my daycare kiddo's work out they are in the very back just standing. They would not move at all. @@ Wednesday we went to Jumping Jelly Beans not to the park. Here is Brayden turning my hair gray on Thursday. He is one wild 2 year old. Yum... :) James at McIntosh My boys Easter Morning YEAH the Level X card he wanted. no words needed High Falls State Park The tree down near our house. It is in the neighbors yard but looks like our yard as you drive . a bloom on the apple tree Hey Julie, If you read this could you tell me why when I publish my post I loose my paragraphs. UGHHHHH Drives me nuts!

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