Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring break is almost over

I have always wondered just why a week off school goes by so fast. Maybe because most of the family gets to sleep in or maybe because we get to do something fun daily or the fact we spend a good amount of time in the van going from place to place that week. Whatever it is I wish I had some control over. Our spring break started with a trip to our neighboring state of Alabama. We picked up Nana on Saturday and headed west. We made it up to Noccalula Falls. We have had lots of rain this year so the falls was awesome! See pics above this post. On the way back we stopped at the Anniston Museum of Natural History for Curtis. He and daddy went in while Nana and I just walked around the birds area and did all the free stuff. :) Sunday we made it to a Pokemon tournament. Curtis came in 2nd for his age group 10 and under. I came in 2nd for the master divisions (which means OLD FOLKS) and I really would rather not tell you who won first. He won the pin but guess who put it on her bag! Monday we woke up to 30 degree weather with snow flurries and sleet. I would like to use a 3 letter word here cause boy did this mess up our plans. I got up at 6:30 and got daycare kiddo's in. James was already up writing and doing his thing. Curtis slept in till 11 I think. I used this cold day to pretend to clean up the house and just play with the kids. Tuesday was even colder than Monday and more hanging out at the house with a 10 year old sleeping in way to late then staying up all night. We are so in trouble when he hits the teen years. Wednesday the sun begins to start shinning again and we were able to go to the park. Thank goodness cause the kids were driving me crazy. :) Thursday we loaded up and all went to see Nana and play on the new playground in Carrollton. I was off on Friday and needed to do some shopping. What fun is it to shop alone?? SO I called mom and she came to Newnan. We spent the morning shopping and just hanging out together while James and Curtis spent the day reading, writing, and deck building (that is card deck building not a wood deck, no way do we want these guys to try that!) Nana left before the storms and made it home just fine. We went to Friday night pokemon and played int he back room while it hailed and stormed like crazy. I begin to worry we may be blown away. Oh the way home as we turned the curve near our home we saw trees down and my heart fell.. you never know what you will see when you leave your house in a storm. but ALL is fine! Limbs everywhere and my piles of leaves are still just where I left them but toys are next door! Saturday we had our Easter get together at McIntosh Reserve in the big town of Whitesburg. We about froze! We did things the easy way. Chips, cookies, subways and fruit. Sylvia was the only one to cook. She made potato salad. We made it over for the big egg hunt just in time. Curtis is just not the best kid for these type things. Come on dear everyone can't get a prize egg! @@ We had a great time just having a laid back get together. Sunday we decided to ride over to Jaskson Georgia to check out High Falls State Park. Nana came along and we rode and had lunch together. We hid eggs for Curtis and guess what, found the prize egg. HAHAHAHAHAHA The rest of the day has been spent putting puzzles together, uploading pictures and getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. We are so thankful to have our family together and healthy this Easter. God is good and we have been Blessed.

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