Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are in trouble now

Okay, so now I can just email a posting in.  Just how many times do you guys really want to read about how many dishes I wash or diapers I change?  
This is the week before CRCT testing for our school.  I must say, I HATE CRCT TESTING!  I hate the pressure put on the kids, I hate the extra homework.  Curtis had 6 pages in math last night plus other stuff as well.  Homework started at 3:35 and at 5 he was still working on math.  Silly if you ask me.  I so wanted to tell him to just close the book but he spent time in ZAP (zeros are not permitted) for not doing all his math the night before. Just give him a zero and let him deal with it.  Homework was finally done at 5:40 and he ate dinner then we went to class.  We both needed to work off some steam by this point.  :)
That's it for this post.  I have to get busy.  More later. 

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